TacPro Epoxy Adhesive

Supplied with all our drill and glue Kitboxes, TacPro™ Epoxy Adhesive is a revolutionary breakthrough in bonding technology that bonds our polyurethane and stainless steel Tactile Indicators to almost any solid substrate including concrete, asphalt, marble, stone and glass.

Our epoxy is a proprietary formula developed by Mobility Research and adhesive expert partners exclusively for TacPro™. It delivers unequalled performance in bonding strength, substrate versatility and durability and is guaranteed not to fail even under the most extreme temperature and climactic conditions.

TacPro™ Epoxy Adhesive can be applied to damp surfaces and as curing relies on a chemical reaction, it is safe to use on asphalt - unlike single pack, moisture cured adhesives that break down and fail in the presence of bitumen. In viscous state the epoxy is very low in VOC* and once cured, is completely inert in the environment.

Available in convenient, no mess, two component, twin cartridge packs of resin and hardener. Two sizes are available: 450ml installs up to 1.5 Lineal Metres of our TacPro™ Tactile Indicators and 900ml installs up to 3.0 Lineal Metres of product (LM = 1.0 x 0.6m).

An appropriate epoxy dispensing gun will be supplied to match the epoxy cartridge in your Kitbox - these can also be purchased separately if required.

*VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds.