Issues to consider when choosing a Tactile Indicator Supplier.

It pays to check how your Tactile Indicators will be installed...

A client recently called us to say their facility was missing a lot of Tactile Indicators from another installer and that they needed a solution. On closer inspection of the supplied photos, we noticed that none of the studs had been effectively installed.

Some of the studs were ‘banged in’ without any adhesive (as shown in the bottom-left photo). These infamous bang-in studs have no bond to the substrate so are susceptible to shearing off. In other areas of the complex, the studs simply weren’t even drilled in; they were glued onto the surface as in the bottom-right photo.

These inconsistencies present a danger to vision-impaired people because missing studs can cause confusion and be hazardous in the roading environment.

Our TacPro® tactile indicators always come with a proprietary two-part TacPro® Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge. This ensures the longevity of the installation and denies access to water and debris under the units.

On top of that, our easy-to-use patented epoxy injection system makes installing tactile indicators a breeze. And did we mention that our products are covered by a 15-Year Product Warranty?