Whitianga Town Centre

Whitianga is a charming seaside town located in the eastern Coromandel Peninsula, known for its beautiful deep water harbour and marina. The town is popular with tourists during the summer months, who come to enjoy the many water activities available in the area, such as big game fishing and boating.
Recently, the local council decided to upgrade the town centre footpaths and communal spaces with a focus on creating better accessibility for both locals and visitors. To ensure the safety of tourists during the busy holiday periods, the council contracted TacPro to supply and install Warning and Directional Yellow Polyurethane Tactile Indicators at all pedestrian crossing points.

These tactile indicators are designed to provide important information and guidance to people with visual impairments, helping them to navigate the town safely and confidently. The bright yellow color of the indicators is highly visible, making them easy to identify against the surrounding surfaces.

Overall, the installation of the Warning and Directional Yellow Polyurethane Tactile Indicators in Whitianga is an important step towards ensuring the safety and accessibility of the town for all visitors, particularly during the busy holiday periods.

TacPro™ products used on this project