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The TacPro Difference

There are many Tactile Indicator suppiers out there who will sell you Hazard Studs or Directional Bars - they may even offer to sell you a Drilling Template and perhaps some glue, if you're lucky. How can you be sure of the quality of these products, where were they made? And what do you do with them once you've got them?

TacPro™ Tactile Indicators comprise a unique 'package' installation system designed and developed by Mobility Research Centre™ that you can trust will get the job done.

Our Tactile Indicator products have been carefully designed by our own team and refined over 25 years - they are manufactured by local ISO certified companies that we have had long stading relationships with. 

Our proven method provides an easy and accurate installation method that allows for immediate foot traffic, conforms to all Australian Standards, and exhibits excellent quality and long life durability.

Four distinct proprietary components make up the TacPro™ system that are always included in the KitBox you order:

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  1. Our specially developed 5mm thick, solid Rubber Drilling Templates have laser-cut holes at the required 50mm centre grid pattern.
  2. Our Polyurethane and Stainless Steel Tactile Studs and Bars have a cavity moulded or machined under the head to present the greatest epoxy area to the gound surface.
  3. Our Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive has been specifically formulated to perform at its best with TacPro products and all sound substrates.
  4. Combined with our patented application guns and injectors, the Epoxy Dosing System is unbeatable for Tactile Indicator installation efficiency and integrity.

Tried and tested for over 25 Years, TacPro® will outperform any other product on the market.

TacPro™ 'The Tactile Professional's Choice'.

Graphic stating 25 years research and developmentgraphic showing CRISO certified productgraphic stating 25,000 crossings installedgraphic stating 135 railway platforms installed by TacPrographic stating tacPro 15 year product guarantee

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