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Tactile Drilling Templates

The best template solution for fast, accurate installation of Tactile Indicators...

We chat with customers who have tried other Tactile installation products and they often complain about annoying steel and rigid plastic drilling templates. They don’t conform to curved pram ramps and surface irregularities which makes them difficult to secure and drill accurately.

Setting Out Tactile Indicator Rubber Drilling Templates


TacPro® take a different and innovative approach. Our laminated rubber templates with laser cut holes spaced at the compliant 50mm centres make short work of installing tactile indicators. They hug the substrate, conforming to surface irregularities, and can easily be secured using our Template Tape™. They can also be cut to make staggered arrangements at crossings where a solid block of Tactile Indicators would be inappropriate.

Tactile Indicator Rubber Templates in Use

You’ll notice in the below photo how the template folded up the wall with ease. With a steel or ridgid plastic drilling template this would be impossible and result in a lot of juggling templates. It’s an unnecessary hassle that can be avoided by choosing TacPro®.

Demonstrating the Flexibility of TacPro Rubber Drilling Templates

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