Patented Epoxy Application System

Taking Tactile Indicator installation to a new level of efficiency...

Some of our veteran installers have been able to crack the 1-hour per lineal metre (LM = 1.0 x 0.6m) barrier with our patented shot-injection system, bringing average installation times down to a whole new level of efficiency. Our recommended method is to lay out our flexible rubber drilling templates and drill out all the holes first. Then, once you've vacuumed out the dust, one person can inject the epoxy while another installs the tactile studs/bars and taps them down.

Installers have praised TacPro® for their easy-to-use epoxy shot injection system, which is included in our self-install KitBox™ range. One contractor has mentioned to us that, after 10 years of installing various tactile indicator products, our system exceeded his expectations by far with larger installations taking less than a day to complete. All the positive feedback we've been getting from our customers confirms TacPro® is the obvious choice for Tactile Indicators.