In addition to the quality and clever design of TacPro™ Tactile Indicator products, our epoxy delivery and precision dosing tools are revolutionary. Depending on the quantity of Tactile Indicators ordered, one of the epoxy delivery systems shown here will be included in your Kitbox. They have been developed as a quick, no mixing, no mess, no hassle solution for repetitive dosing of epoxy for Tactile Indicator installation.
For small installations (up to 1.5 LM) an TacPro™ Epoxy Gun 450 will be supplied with an Epoxy Injector. The gun is light weight but strong, manufactured from quality steel components and with an impact resistant ABS frame. The gun fits our TacPro Epoxy 450 adhesive cartridge, the injector fits to the cartridge and contains an 'element' that evenly mixes the Epoxy resin and hardener to a smooth, liquid honey like viscosity. This is simply dosed into your drilled holes by squeezing the gun trigger - epoxy flow is stopped by pushing the trigger forward.
For medium installations (up to 8.0 LM) the same TacPro™ Epoxy Gun 450 will be supplied but with an upgrade to our patented Epoxy Shot Injector. This assembly allows for quick and easily controlled precision dosing of epoxy into your drilled holes. Multiple Injectors are supplied depending on the quantity of Tactile Indicators ordered - an unlimited number of epoxy cartridges can be run through a single injector but they are disposable once the epoxy has been allowed to cure in the unit.
For larger installations (between 8.0 and 60 LM) our patented TacPro™ Epoxy AutoGun 900 is supplied with our larger 900ml epoxy cartridges and a number of Epoxy Shot injectors.
Developed by Mobility Research Centre™ for TacPro™, this patented applicator gun revolutionises on-site epoxy application and Tactile installation - delivering outstanding speed and management of adhesive dosing. Used in conjunction with the TacPro Shot Injector, this system gives the operator total control of adhesive flow, delivering accurate and rapid epoxy shots to each and every hole.
The design innovation comes from using polyurethane springs to store energy accumulated by pumping the gun trigger. This pressurises the whole system allowing approximately 50 epoxy shot doses each time the system is charged. No air compressor required.
For the big jobs (over 60 LM) we supply a top of the line, British manufactured, pneumatic epoxy applicator gun we call the Epoxy AirGun 900. Our 900ml epoxy cartridges and Epoxy Shot Injectors are included to produce the ultimate epoxy dosing system.
Although an air compressor is required to drive this unit, it allows continuous, rapid shot injection for the most efficient epoxy fixed Tactile Indicator installation available - anywhere.