Beware of Poor Quality Product

Not all Tactile Indicators are created equal...

Here at TacPro®, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible quality tactile products. We all know how important tactile indicators are in the lives of people with vision-impairment, but we seldom think about how important it is for tactile indicators to be durable and colour-fast for the sake of the vision-impaired people that rely so heavily on them. There are several factors that make a tactile indicator effective: slip-resistance, UV-stability/colour-fastness, durability and installation integrity (where/how you install them). In this post, we’re going to delve a little bit into why each of these factors matter.


Take, for instance, the below example. The tactile indicators in this photo have no UV-stability and have faded after only a couple of years in the ground. Now, they provide no colour-contrast to the surrounding substrate, which not only creates a hazard for vision-impaired pedestrians, but is also non-compliant in terms of colour-contrast requirements. TacPro’s® tactile indicators won’t fade, crack, chip or shear off. We use premium Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel and specially-formulated thermoplastic polyether polyurethane, which requires virtually no maintenance.

It's worth noting that UV-stability affects not only the colour-fastness of the stud, but also the integrity of the stud itself. If a tactile indicator stud isn’t UV-stabilised, the stud is likely to become brittle and crack.