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Installation Instructions - Epoxy fixed Tactiles over 60LM

The following set of diagrams are simple installation instructions to self-install our Polyurethane or Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators. This instruction set is for the big jobs where Tactile quantities are over 60 Lineal Metres (LM = 1.0 x 0.6m). It utilises TacPro's heavy hitting pneumatic epoxy applicator gun with our patented precision dosing system for use with our 900ml twin tube epoxy cartidges. Our Pneumatic Epoxy Gun 900 makes fast efficent work of those Big Jobs!

You will need:

Tools required for installation of TacPro tactile indicators

Measure layout and set rubber drilling templatesDrill holes for the TGSI







Vacuum out the concrete dustAssemble pneumatic epoxy gun and dosing system







Accurately dose each hole with epoxy





Charge pneumatic epoxy gun

Tap the tactile studs flush with the ground

Twist the stainless steel tactiles into position

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