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Tactile Indicators - Information Hub for Contractors

TacPro™ is the leading authority on the manufacture, supply and installation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators in Australasia. We have over 25 years experience in the Tactile Indicator field - you can be assured peace of mind installing our quality products. Installation is a breeze with our drill-in Stud System, using the most efficient (patented) epoxy dosing system on the market.

To assist Contractors and Installers with the information they need - we have compiled some key subjects below with links to specific information on this website.

  • Our products pages give you the choice and details on our various Tactile Indicator, Stair Tread and Skateboard Deterrent products.
  • If Tactile Indicators have been missed on your project and you need a quick compliance solution - consider our Peel & Stick Tactile Indicator Tiles available in various colours.
  • Have a look through our projects pages for interior, exterior and Train Station installation photos or select a case study to see what a great installation should look like.
  • Tactile Indicators are referred to in a number of Australian Standards and Guidelines which govern the design and layout of Tactile Indicators. Comprehensive information can be found on our Tactile Standards page together with links to sites where the standards and guides can be downloaded.
  • Visit our TacPro Data Sheets page to download our product specifications.
  • Our Installation guides are easy to follow and the main page has useful information on installing Tactile Indicators to various substrates and floor finishes.
  • Browse our FAQ Page for the common, and not so common questions we get asked about the world of Tactile Indicators.
  • Pricing small to medium size jobs can easily be done on this website if you know the quantity of product required - simply select the product you want - the next page will ask you how many Lineal Metres* you want and calculate the price at the bottom of the page. There is no obligation to buy at this stage.
  • We offer a Free Consultation Service if you have any questions or require advice on layout or pricing for larger jobs job - we are also happy to help with pricing off drawings / plans. Please email us: or call our office on Free Phone: 1300 822 776.


TacPro™ individually drilled and epoxy fixed Tactile Indicators are priced and sold in Lineal Metres (1 x LM = 1000 x 600 mm). We use this measurement as, in most cases, it's the minimum required width for Tactiles Inducators in the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009.

TacPro™ Individually Drilled and Epoxy Fixed Warning and Directional Tactile Indicators.

  • To convert Square Metres to Lineal Metres - Multiply the m² number by 1.666 (round to the closest full number).
  • To convert Lineal Metres (at 600 mm) to Square Metres - divide the LM number by 1.666 (round to the closest full number).
  • There are 240 Warning Tactile Studs in a Lineal Metre (at 600 mm).
  • There are 400 Warning Tactile Studs in a Square Metre (240 x 1.666 = 400)
  • There are 26.66 Directional Bars in a Lineal Metre (at 600 mm).
  • There are 44 Directional Bars in a Square Metre (26.66 x 1.666 = 44).

Our Polyurethane Tactile Indicators are sold in increments of 1.5LM (360 x Warning Studs / 40 x Directional Bars)

Our Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators are sold in increments of 0.5LM (120 x Warning Studs / 13 x Directional Bars)

TacPro™ Peel & Stick Tactile Indicator Tiles (300 x 300 mm)

  • There are 6.66 Warning or Directional Peel & Stick Tactile Tiles in a Lineal Metre (at 600 mm).
  • There are 11.1 Warning or Directional Peel & Stick Tactile Tiles in a Square Metre (6.66 x 1.666 = 11.1)

Our Peel & Stick Tactile Indicator Tiles and sold in boxes of 10 x TIles.

If you have any queries, please email us: or call our office on Free Phone: 1300 822 776.


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