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AUT City Campus

The Sir Paul Reeves Building is the latest addition to the AUT City Campus. This building is rich with student-centred learning and social spaces and houses the most advanced communications school in the southern hemisphere.

TacPro® Tactile Indicators were installed extensively throughout the building. Our 316 Stainless Steel Tactiles were installed on the Blue Stone and carpeted areas with Black Polyurethane TGSI’s on the vibrant green vinyl landings of the central stairs. Grey Polyurethane Tactiles were installed on the black rubber secondary stairs and Yellow Polyurethane Tactiles were used on the exterior areas surrounding the building. 

AUT City Campus Exterior OverviewAUT City Campus Interior Overview

Yellow Poly Tactile Indicators at AUT External Stairs

Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators at AUT Atrium Stairs


Black Polyurethane Tactiles on Green Vinyl StairsLight Grey Polyurethane Tactiles on Rubber Floor


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